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Category: Endorsements

Envenomed's very own Brendan Farrugia (Guitars) has successfully secured an endorsement deal with Jackson Guitars - Fender Australia!

Brendan has been playing Jackson Guitars for well over 8 years now and is very proud to finally reach a level of professionalism where an esteemed organisation such as Fender Australia is happy to welcome him into the family. This news comes just upon the release of Envenomed’s debut video clip for “Burn the Sun” which showcases some of Brendan’s style and techniques as a lead guitarist.

BRENDAN FARRUGIA I am very proud to announce that I am now an official endorsee for Jackson Guitars - Official!
They hooked me up with this sweet new rig too, can’t wait to give it a whirl! I just need a few more guitars…

Brendan would like to thank Graeme Walshe (Jackson representative – Fender Australia) for taking the time to review some of his musical works and considering him as a worthy talent to add to the current Jackson Australia artist list.

Be sure to catch a live Envenomed set to see Brendan in action!