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Hot on the heels of their recent debut album release, Envenomed have just dropped their very first video clip for the song “Burn the Sun”.

This song showcases the bands more melodic and upbeat side, while still retaining the thrashy element that Melbourne is fast becoming well known for. The video itself is quite straight to the point and displays the raw energy delivered by the band in a live setting.

JONATHON BESANKO - METAL OBSESSION Melbourne’s Envenomed prove once again why they’re currently one of the most exciting new thrash metal bands in Australia. With the release of their excellent music video for “Burn the Sun” – the second single off their debut album, ‘Evil Unseen’, since “Mechanical Enemy” was released late last month – comes a melodic wave of metal ecstasy that stands tall bar none.

The music video was filmed, edited, and produced by Gareth McGilvray, with the lighting and sound provided courtesy of James Munro. Additionally, the smoke geysers came from Luke Fenech of Blaso Pyrotechnics. The track was engineered and mixed by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios.

The release of this video will serve as an excellent build up to the bands long awaited return to the live stage. Envenomed launches their debut album “Evil Unseen” on Saturday, June 28th at the ESPY in St. Kilda alongside fellow local thrash giants EYE OF THE ENEMY.

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