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ENVENOMED's debut album “EVIL UNSEEN” is available now worldwide in both digital and physical formats!

Influenced by the melody of Iron Maiden and Symphony X, and the thrash and groove of Megadeth, Metallica and Testament. Envenomed combine these styles whilst still retaining the trademarks of traditional heavy metal with world-class musicianship.

Featuring memorable vocal hooks running atop of a sledgehammer riff machine of guitar, this album is musical juggernaut! With blistering but well thought out lead guitar work, the songwriting on this beast is only more so complimented by the thundering Bass and Drum section which scale and ramp the energy in all the right places.

M. Drew - Bloody Good Horror Envenomed’s debut “Evil Unseen” represents none of the things that everyone thinks they know about music from Australia. Truly, this is a group of young thrashers who were weaned on the heady days of metal’s reign in the mid-eighties. The structural foundation of their aural assault is clearly Iron Maiden, but once the listener forages on past the first blush, there is a rewarding bouquet of influences that gives Envenomed the acidic taste of something new.

2014 sees the band reach their its most potent form, with founding member Anthony Mavrikis (Vocals, Guitar), Adam Bartleson (Drums), Brendan Farrugia (Guitar) and Liam Wagener (Bass) combining to deliver their best material to date.

Envenomed’s full length debut is ready to be unleashed upon the masses, and they are set to blow the minds of their dedicated fan base, and anyone else that is prepared to tangle with their sonic sorcery.

"Evil Unseen" is available for digital download here and via the official Envenomed online store.